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How-to-guides - How to make car stereo removal tools


How to manufacture car stereo removal tools

Home made radio removal tools


If you don't have radio removal tools on hand, they can be purchased online or at your local car stereo retailer. But if you don't have the patience or the money to spend, you can always make them yourself, and that's exactly what were going to show you in this session!



Tool Time





Testing tools


Standard tools


Window crank and door panel removal tools


Wire routing tools


Radio removal tools

Radio removal tools Part-2




Lets make some tools!


Manufacturing radio removal tools is an easy task and saves on the cost of the install.

Making your own is up to you.


We will tell you that while making them from scratch saves money, some radios that require this tool can be quite finicky.


Purchasing the removal tools is the better choice however, as they will incorporate specific machined notches for each specific vehicle manufacture.


That is, each vehicle manufacture uses a slightly different designed on the key type tools.


So if your on the manufacturing mood, lets get started!






Cheapskate removal tools



Several of the removal tools can be made using a wire coat hanger.








First cut the bottom portion of the hanger into two separate pieces about 5-1/2 or 6 inches long using a pair of steel cutters.








Cutting the rod





Be sure to use steel cutters as the gauge or thickness of the hanger will damage ordinary wire cutters.













The finished product



Using one of the two strait cut rods, bend a smooth rounded shape using thumbs.




































Making key style radio removal tools




Making home made flat radio removal tools are easy with the right tools!


Using a flat piece of metal, in this case we are using a piece of plumber strap that is sometimes included with many aftermarket radios for support.









Trimming the key style radio removal tools


Using a pair of tin snips, cut the proper length of the metal strip.





















The magic is done!



Using a pair of tin snips, cut a small angle on the end that will enter the radio removal port on the radio face.

Hocus Pocus!


Radio removal tool !


We never said they would look pretty..... just it would work!




















Professionally manufactured car stereo radio removal tools



There are several types of radio removal tools on the market, and if you decide that you are not a cheapskate, than you can find these tools on many web sites, or at your local car audio retailer.


Below are the most popular.


As you can see, they all are quit similar and have a slight different cut at the end of the key type removal tools.




  • Ford

  • Kenwood

  • BMW


  • Volkswagen

  • Mercedes

  • Becker


  • Porsche

  • Mercedes

  • Becker


  • Volkswagen










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