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How-to-guides - Window crank and door panel removal tools


How to properly use vehicle window crank handle and door panels removal tools

Door panel removal stuff


If you plan on adding upgrade speakers or add power door locks to your vehicle, there are a few tools designed to make the job easier. Here we will introduce the vehicle window crank and door panel removal tool.


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Window crank and door panel removal tools

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The window crank removal tool is designed to remove the retainer pin that holds many manual window crank handles to the drive shaft.


If your vehicle is equipped with power windows, then this tool will not be required.






Using the window crank removal tool



To use window crank removal tool, place the front opening of the tool behind the window crank, as in the illustration above.


In most cases there will be a large plastic washer behind the crank.


You must pull the crank slightly outward to find the slot where the retainer pin is located.


In some vehicles it will be behind the washer, and other in front of the washer.






Cheapskate door panel remover


If you choose not to purchase a window crank remover tool, you can remove the window crank retainer clip using two flat head screwdrivers.


Apply an even amount of force using both flat head screwdrivers toward the "closed" end of the pin, until it "snaps" out of the window crank handle.


Use caution when removing these pins, as they will fly to the moon if you are not careful.


You should "cup" your hands over the direction that the pin will travel towards, allowing you to catch it  as it starts its 700 mile an hour trip!

These pins are small and easy to lose!


Spare clips can be purchased at your local auto parts store.


Almost sounds like we know about this from experience!













Door panel remover



The door panel removal tool is used for "prying" off door panel retainer clips from the vehicles door panel.


It also comes in handy for prying other components of the vehicle, such as, loose dash parts etc.


Keep in mind that not all doors use the retainer pin.


Many newer vehicles do not require this tool and use a " hook and latch" type retainer system.


If you want to take the cheapskate route you can also use the end of the wire crimpers to achieve the same results.






Door panel remover in action


The diagram below shows how the door panel removal tool is used.


The red dot is a back view of the vehicles door panel. 


The tool simply slides into the crevasse of the pin to create a "holing" spot  when prying the door panel retaining pin away from the door.










Cheapskates door panel remover in action











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