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Speaker polarity and impedance
How to Wire speakers properly to achieve the correct polarity and impedance.





Speaker polarity and impedance 

Always check speaker polarity when wiring your system, as improper polarity will greatly reduce sound performance.

Below are many examples of speaker wiring configurations.





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You can change the impendence or (resistance), to the car stereo amplifier by changing the way your woofers are wired either series, parallel or series.





Notice that if all three woofers are wired with correct polarity, the middle woofer will be out of phase. Because all of the woofers will be moving the same direction, speaker performance and bass responds is dramatically reduced.



The middle woofer should be wired in reverse polarity so that it moves the same direction as the others, doing so will place all speakers in phase


The middle woofers in each of these examples are wired in reverse polarity. This is the correct wiring example for this type set-up and applies to any speaker..





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Speaker polarity and impedance


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