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Woofer Box Laboratories

How to guides for installing, wiring and choosing your sub woofer box



Woofer Box Laboratories makes any speaker enclosure project a breeze!


With our exclusive "woofer box calculators" your sure to find the correct size for any speaker box project!







Woofer Box Laboratories include:



  • Recommended speaker box size.

  • Recommended speaker box volume.

  • Speaker box port length size and diameter calculators.


  • Speaker box volume calculators.

  • Speaker impedance calculator.

  • And much more!












Speaker box volume calculators


These calculators do all the work!

  • Enter your information such as box size, speaker, speaker impendence, etc.

  • Let the calculator do the rest.

  • Displays box volume and all the information you need to design the perfect speaker enclosure!

With a press of a button!









Speaker box port length size

 and diameter calculators


Enter the frequency response and out comes the length of recommended port size!




Understanding woofer and amplifier wiring.


This section covers the many types of wiring such as parallel, series, series -parallel, and more, to get the most from your amplifier and woofers.

Understanding speaker enclosures


This section covers the many types of enclosures such as Ported, Isobaric, Sealed and many others!


Which is best for you!

No Bass in my car


Why are some vehicles bass louder, and others are not?


In this section you will find the answer why, and how to fix it!












Woofer box Laboratories





Box Design




Speaker enclosure types


Speaker boxes design


Sealed box


Ported woofer box


Infinite baffle


Sealed Inverted




Speaker polarity and impedance


Speaker wiring:Parallel, Series, Series-Parallel





Woofer box calculators index


Calculating speaker enclosure volume


Rectangle sealed enclosure volume calculator


Circle port to slotted port calculator


Triangle Box volume calculator


Parallel- Parallel Load Calculator


Port length calculator


Series - Parallel load calculator




Bass cancellation









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