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Calculating Speaker Enclosure Volume
How To Calculate Speaker Enclosure Volume






1.Either measure the inside of the enclosure or subtract 1.5 (for.75 for wood) from each of your external measurements.

2. Use the appropriate formula to find volume in cubic inches.





a. LXWXH for a rectangle or square - Example-1


b. (L1 + L2) x H x W for a wedge - Example-2



c. Pie r2 x L for a cylinder - Example-3





d. For an odd shape you can use a known volume container to fill the shape with either water or packing material. While filling the shape, count the number of times you refill the container. Multiply volume of the container by the number of times you had to fill it to calculate the enclosures volume -





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Find and subtract woofer displacement and port displacement. This will give you net box volume. Example-5


To find port displacement you must measure OD (outer diameter). Example 5.2



To convert cubic inches to cubic feet, divide by (1728 =12 X 12 X 12=1ft3) Example-6










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