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How-to-guides: Mounting your car stereo amplifier

Installation help for installing and mounting automotive audio amplifiers.


Amplifier installation


Placement of your automotive audio amplifier is very important. An amplifier that is mounted improperly can cause:

  • Poor audio reproduction.

  • Permanent amplifier damage.


There are basically two locations you should install your amplifier.

  • Inside the vehicle

  • Inside the trunk



Never install your amplifier under the engine compartment!










Power distribution


Audio input


Audio out


Amplifier power distribution diagrams


Amplifier audio input diagrams




Installing inside the vehicle


There are basically two recommended locations when installing your amplifier inside the vehicle:

  • Behind the radio cavity if there is enough room

  • Under the seats



Installing behind the radio



When installing your amplifier behind the radio, it may simplify installation, however, you should keep in consideration of heat dissipation and ease of adjustment on the amplifier.


If you're like most of us, you'll probably want to make some adjustments on your amplifier periodically. You should keep this in mind when installing behind the radio.


Advantage of installing automotive audio amplifier behind the radio:

  • Ease of installation

  • Protected against theft

Disadvantage of installing automotive audio amplifier behind the radio :

  • Poor heat ventilation.

  • Difficult to adjust (as radio must be removed).



Installing under the seats


If there is applicable room, you can install your amplifier under any of the occupant seats.

This location will work well, as it allows access to " tweak" your unit.


When installing under the seats, you may find it a little more difficult to install, as you may be required to remove the seat from the vehicle, in order to drive mounting screws located on your amplifier.



Make sure, that the seats mechanical parts, do not "rub" against the amplifier when adjusting the seat!


When installing under the seats, you should avoid spilling of any liquids or drinks on the unit, as the amplifier will not like this at all!


Trunk Installing


Installing your amplifier in the trunk is the most popular location because of the available room, ease of installation and easily accessed for “adjusting”,



 Things to consider before installing in the trunk.

  • Your amplifier should be placed where “Items" will not be placed on top of it, as this could cause “overheating" of the amplifier.

  • Never mount your amplifier upside down on rear deck, as the heat generated from high volume, will rise back into the amplifier and possibly damage unit.



"Heat is the audio amplifiers enemy"



The best place to mount your amplifier is usually in the left hand corner, on the floor, or back of trunk wall.


If you are adding your amplifier to an existing woofer box located in the trunk. A popular mounting location is on the box itself.




While, this procedure makes it simple to install and access. Many manufactures do not recommend this location, unless the box is permanently mounted to vehicle.



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