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How-to-guides for wiring car stereo amplifiers   


Installation help, for installing, wiring and troubleshooting car stereo amplifiers.




So! You are thinking about installing an audio amplifier to your, shiny new car and probably thinking:


" I think I'll toss this puppy under the dash" !


Well, before you do that, you should take a few things into consideration before buying, or installing your stereo amplifier.









Power distribution


Audio input


Audio out


Amplifier power distribution diagrams


Amplifier audio input diagrams




Why add an amplifier?


There are basically two reasons for adding a car stereo amplifier:


- Increase more volume.


- Decreasing the distortion rate of your audio system.


Many people will purchase audio amplifiers simply to increase the sound level of their stereo system.

However, as you may not be aware, some people will purchase audio amplifiers to decrease their distortion rate on their audio system.


The technical definition of audio distortion is defined as :


"Unwanted change in an audio signal that results in the presence of frequencies

in the output signal that were not present in the original signal".


In layman's terms.

Audio distortion is basically a stereo system that sounds bad when it's cranked up loud!


We will discuss distortion in more detail later in this segment.




Types of amplifiers



Car stereo amplifiers come in all shapes and sizes.

Each model serves a specific purpose.

Before purchasing your new amplifier, it is important that you know what your amplifier will be used for and its capabilities.

Some are designed for driving a pair of speakers, and some for driving 2 pair of speakers, and some are for running sub woofers.

There are two channel amps, four channel amps, six channel amps and mono amps.

See amplifier wiring for more detail.





Before you buy 


There are a few other things that you should take into consideration when purchasing an amplifier:

  • What type of stereo do you have

  • How large are your speakers

  • How much power will your speakers handle

  • What problem do you want your amplifier to solve

Well, how about we answer these questions and more! 





Let's get started 


Click on the links below to get started.

We suggest you start with "installing your audio amplifier" first!


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