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How-to-guides for wiring car audio amplifiers   


Installation help, for wiring car audio amplifiers.


Audio out


Audio out or speaker output is exactly what it indicates.

These connections will go to the speakers, located throughout the vehicle.

As mentioned in the introduction, each amplifier model has a specific purpose.











Power distribution


Audio input


Audio out


Amplifier power distribution diagrams


Amplifier audio input diagrams


Types of amplifiers

There are several types of automotive stereo amplifiers on the market today.

2 channel, 4 channel, even 8 channel.


They all however do the same thing. Amplify sound. Lets start with the 2 channel:



2 channel amplifiers


We will start with the most common, the two channel amplifier.


The two channels amplifier is designed for running just that. Two speakers!

The most common use for the two channel amplifier is:

  • Rear speaker amplification

  • Driving a pair of sub woofers

While there are many uses for two channel amplifiers. These are the most common, car audio applications.



Rear speaker amplification


  • Due to the space availability, most vehicles have larger speakers in the rear.

  • Are the furthest from the human ear.

  • Will produce more bass than front speakers.

For this reason, if you're going to amplify anything, you should start with the rear.



Driving sub woofers


Sub woofers require large amounts of power to move the speaker cone.

Two channel amplifiers work well with sub woofer enclosures, as many will have two speakers located in each box.




4 channel amplifiers


4 channel amplifiers have four amplifiers or "channels" in one package.


This allows complete control of all four speakers, with fading capabilities.

Most car audio systems will have fader controls located on them.

Fader controls, will simply allow the user to direct the music from either the rear or the front or all four.


Four channel amplifiers may also be used to drive a sub woofer box and the rear speakers.


Other models may contain 6, 8, or more channels.



Mono amplifiers


Mono amplifiers were designed for one purpose.


To drive sub woofers. These amplifiers contain one amplifier, and usually have a large power output capacity for running large woofers.


They may also be used for running center channel speakers for more elaborate car audio systems. 





Amplifier wiring continued 


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