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How-to-guides encyclopedia


How-to-guides for installing, wiring and troubleshooting your car audio equipment and accessories!  





Need help with installing your car stereo amplifier, subwoofer box, or your new audio equalizer?


With over 25 years of knowledge in the automotive electronics industry, we have compiled that knowledge into an easy to read, step by step encyclopedia.




From installing your car stereo, to building woofer boxes.


These how-to-guides will explain everything you need to know about installing, wiring and troubleshooting your car audio equipment and accessories!


We don't just talk about how, we show you how! No fanny technical words, just the meat and potatoes designed for the do-it-yourself or professional installer.








Check out all of our titles for the do-it-yourselfer

We are always adding to our titles, so stay tuned for more!





From A-Z,

Find the meaning to those technical terms you have always heard, but did not know what they mean. Find it here from A-Z.



Tool time

All you ever wanted to know and more about the tools for the job. In the tool time chapter, we cover all the bases. From the tools you will need, to how use them and some well even show you how to make!



Amplifiers - From A-Z

Looking to add more thump to your car, or just need more volume! Everything you ever wanted to know about installing,

wiring and tweaking your car stereo

amplifier is here.




Woofer box laboratories

Woofer box design and wiring

If you're building that dream speaker enclosure, we'll show you step by step all you need to know!




Why add an audio equalizer?

The audio equalizer will do wonders for any car audio system. Find out the who, what, where, and whys about this device!








Data bus College

As the technology evolves with the automotive manufactures, most vehicles control there electrical features using data signals. Understanding the data bus or multiplexing, is simple and will allow the armatures to install like pros.










Understanding Resistors

Why would I want to know about resistors? Well times have changed. With the automotive industry moving away from using a simple voltage signal to control all those toys in your car. Learn how to tame this little devise and you can control the world........or at lest your car.










Understanding Diodes

Understanding this simple electronic component can make life much easier when installing your automotive electronic accessories! Click on to learn it now!.





Understanding Relays

Knowing how the automotive relay works will enable the biggest trouble maker to get back on track!  In this chapter we will not only explain how the automotive relay works, but also show you how to use it to resolve many issues when installing automotive electronic accessories.







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