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Why add an audio equalizer?


Everything you need to know when adding an

audio equalizer to your car stereo





Equalizers are probably the most misunderstood audio component, on the market today!

Anyone who desires to dramatically improve their audio sound quality, should without a doubt invest into an equalizer!


Remember this rule of thumb.


"The equalizer is the least expensive device that you will ever add to your vehicle that will dramatically increase the sound quality dollar for dollar".






Why add an equalizer?


Letís talk a little bit more about equalizers.

In laymanís terms, an equalizer is an expanded tone control.


Most stereo systems on the market today basically have two to three different tone controls:

  • Low or bass

  • Midrange

  • High or treble

Equalizers will have all three, but will control a much wider range such as:

  • High

  • Medium high

  • Midrange high

  • Midrange low 

  • Medium bass

  • Low bass and others

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Most humans have a hearing range of 20hz to 20Khz.


The 20hz range are low frequencies such as 20hz to 5khz bass, 5k to12k midrange and high 12hz to 20Khz.


As mentioned before, most audio systems will only incorporate two to three different tone controls.



Low (Bass)    = 20hz to 5khz

Midrange       = 100 to12k

High (treble)  = 12hz to 20Khz


Each frequency covers a specific sound, musical instrument, voice etc.


Notice the limitation of the audio system frequency response.


What the equalizer will do for your system will essentially spread the 20hz to 20Khz in five more manageable controls, allowing you to "customize" your car stereo system to match the vehicles interior acoustics and your audio reproduction preference.


Some folks like lots of treble and others prefer a lot of "mid bass".






See below for a typical frequency spectrum for most equalizers.


Typical car stereo tone controls

Typical Equalizer tone controls.

Low (Bass)    = 20hz to 5khz

Midrange       = 5k to12k

High (treble)  = 12khz to 20Khz

Low (Bass) 

20hz to 60hz

Mid Low (Bass)

60hz to 125hz

Mid (Bass)   

125hz to 250hz

Low Midrange       

250hz to 500hz


500hz to 1khz

High midrange 

1khz to 2khz

Low (treble)  

2khz to 4khz

Low (treble) 

4khz to 8khz

Mid (treble) 

8khz to 16khz

High (treble)  

16khz to 20Khz



Why add an audio equalizer Part 2?




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Audio equalizers


Why add an audio equalizer

Why add an audio equalizer part 2


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