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Wiring solutions diagrams

Premium Package

Downloadable technical diagrams installing help for troubleshooting relays, resisters, door lock circuits and more, for automotive electronic accessories.





Our wiring solutions diagrams make any automotive accessory project a breeze!




With our extensive diagram database, your sure to find the solution to your problem.




Diagrams cover the following subjects


  • Power door lock systems

  • Automotive Starter kill system

  • Resistor Reference Guides

  • Understanding Relays

  • Understanding Diodes

                                              And more!





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includes all 7diagrams!


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Technical Solution Diagrams Premium Package


includes all 7diagrams!



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  • Understanding Relays and Vehicle Applications.

If you aren't familiar with relays and want to know more, these diagrams are for you.

This guide will show you step-by step how relays work and many applications you can use to make your automotive electronics project a synch!


Here are just a few of the projects in this guide :

  1. Change negative to positive

  2. Change positive to negative

  3. Increase amperage rating of a small output to large

  4. Flash park lights with door lock output

  5. Latching relay           

                                   and many more!

  • Understanding Diodes

Diodes are man's best friend !

With this guide you will learn about diode principals and common applications for your vehicle electronics project.

Some of these project solutions include :

  1. Flash separate left and right parking light
  2. Isolate one circuit from another
  3. Isolate trunk switch from door switch (to prevent dome light coming on)

                                           To many to list!

  • Resistor Color Code Reference Guide

This color code guide will show you how to identify resistor values.

Shows value based on color bands on resister, including tolerance.

  • Single Wire Door Lock / Unlock Value Guide

Many car manufactures after 1980 began to use a single wire from the door locks to control the Lock and Unlock function of the vehicle


In this guide we show all vehicles that use this function and how to access this system with two unlock and lock wires!

  • Trunk Release Trigger Systems

Shows the many ways to trigger your trunks release motor by remote or other means.

  • General Motors Passlock System Bypass

If your installing a remote start, this one is a must !


Explains in detail all of General Motors starter disable systems and how to bypass for remote start applications!

  • Ford (P.A.T.S). Starter Interrupt System Bypass

If your installing a remote start on your Ford vehicle.


This is just what you need !

Explains in detail Ford starter disable systems and how to bypass for remote start applications!




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