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Vehicle product finder

Locate all your factory installed accessories with ease!

Amplifiers, Security system modules, Satellite radio systems and more!


 Factory installed vehicle product finder

Great for


  • Audio amplifiers

  • Remote radio receivers

  • Keyless entry module

  • Security system module

  • Satellite radio receiver

  • Navigation module

  • Speakers

  • Sub woofers

  • Bluetooth module

  • Body control module  (BCM)

  • Engine control module (ECM)

  • and more

Take the guess work out and save time and money with our vehicle product finder.

Simply send us your request during purchase and we will have your products location sent promptly!




Weather your instilling an upgrade amplifier or just a complete rebuild of your audio system, knowing the location of factory installed electronic devices will be a must.

Many manufactories will locate many of theses devises just about anywhere. They can be found behind panels under dashes, under seats, even in the engine compartment!

They find a way to take advantage of any space they can. Locating the devises can be tricky and time consuming.

Let us take the worry out with Vehicle Produce Finder. Simply fill in the information below and receive your product location within 10 minuets to 24 hours.




These diagrams include the location for factory installed:
  • Location of amplifier

  • Ipod integration ( Adding Ipod to your car speakers).

  • Amplified audio systems

  • Factory installed Navigation systems

  • Bluetooth integration

  • Rear seat audio entertainment controls

  • Satellite radio module

  • Factory installed video system

  • Security systems

  • Keyless entry






Locate you device fast with:

Vehicle product finder





Your purchase will be sent via email.



Vehicle - Make / Model / Year



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Product to locate




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